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Shooting & Dribbling

Are you struggling with your shooting, dribbling & overall basketball skills? Don’t worry, we are here to help you improve & take your game to the next level.

Making the Team

Worried about basketball tryouts? Want to give yourself a chance to not only make the team, but also be a contributing factor? We will fully prepare you both physically & mentally.

Finding A Coach

Have you been looking for a basketball trainer? Our team of professional trainers are passionate, experienced & our ultimate goal is to help you reach & exceed yours.


Do you have a hard time sticking to a routine? Are you unsure of what exactly you should be working on & how best to develop your skills? We can help! Every step of the way our team will be there for you.


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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Websites are great, but not as great a talking on the phone to find out your goals! Give us 15 minutes and we will give you a
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Book a Free In Person Consultation & Tour of our facility with one of our expert coaches.

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You have a plan and now you have Grind Season Basketball Center behind you. It’s time to get on the road to becoming the best player you can be.


What our members have to say:

“I started training with Jayson and the Grind team in 7th grade and have not looked back. Training with him has taken every aspect of my game to new levels. From focusing on the smallest details to learning pro-level moves, he has taught me everything I need to succeed on the court. One of the biggest things I have taken away while training with him is how to be an effective teammate and play the game of basketball the right way.”

Ryan Borgeson, Senior Guard, Sierra High School, Manteca CA

“Training with Jayson has been a great experience. He’s taught me so much and has helped me develop my game over the years. These days there aren’t many trainers who commit themselves 100% to their players. I played college basketball and I am currently playing basketball overseas and every summer Jayson prepares my body to last longer through efficient and necessary basketball workouts. I want to thank Jayson and the entire Grind Family for their commitment, energy, and the effort they have put into me in order to become a better basketball player on the court.”

Candice White, Modesto Christian High School, Fresno State University, Currently Professional In Germany

Working out with Jayson over the past few summers has taken my game to a whole other level. I have become more comfortable with ball handling as well as getting my shot off quicker. The drills we do are challenging and help prepare you for realistic game situations. The best part is that Jayson wants to see you succeed and gives you all the tools to do so.”

Casandra White, Junior Guard, Western Oregon University

“My quick release and consistent 3 point shot has been a huge factor as to why I’ve been able to have the success I’ve had on the basketball court. Although my shot has always been one of my key strengths, Jayson has invested so much time into developing my game beyond that of a “shooter” by fine-tuning my ball handling skills, repping ball screen reads, and coaching me to move without the ball better. Over the years Jayson has helped me take my game to the next level, allowing me to make a smooth transition from the Division II level to Division I. He has an incredible understanding of the game and what it takes to be successful and is so invested in the success and well being of those he works.”

Olivia Vezaldenos, Senior Guard, Iona University